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“With my previous contact lenses, my eyes started to feel dry after about nine hours of lens wear. I feel less dryness with these new lenses,” Participant, Basuch+Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY lens trial2

New to contact lenses?

If you need vision correction, you may be one of many people who can wear contact lenses. 

“Contact lenses can be life-changing,” says Christina Chan, optometrist with a practice in Ontario, Canada.

“They can give you the freedom to do sports and activities where glasses would otherwise get in the way. They can also help improve your confidence,” says Christina.

When you get fit for contact lenses, your eye care professional ensures a good contact lens fit. He or she will also teach you how to apply and remove your lenses easily before taking your free trial home.

“They are so easy to insert and to remove” Participant, Basuch+Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY lens trial2.

The time is now to experience Bausch+Lomb ULTRA® ONE DAY contact lenses. Get started with a free trial!